Firm Profile

The Law Offices of Gregory L. Poe PLLC focuses on federal white collar criminal trials, appeals, grand jury proceedings, and other criminal investigations. The firm also handles Congressional investigations, internal investigations, a broad range of agency investigations (such as SEC enforcement actions and investigations conducted by Offices of Inspector General), and other diverse litigation and trial proceedings. The firm has broad experience representing clients in federal criminal cases involving classified information. Creative thinking and experience inform every representation that the firm undertakes.

The firm's criminal practice covers a wide spectrum of statutes and regulations. Current and past matters involve or have involved alleged violations of the securities laws (including insider trading); the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; the False Claims Act; health care laws; export control laws; the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering regulations; environmental statutes and regulations; campaign finance and other public corruption laws; anti-kickback statutes; government contracting laws; antitrust law; immigration statutes; the Internal Revenue Code; the Foreign Agents Registration Act; laws prohibiting the obstruction of justice; and myriad other criminal statutes and regulations. The scope of other agency enforcement actions, Congressional investigations, and other matters that the firm has handled is similarly broad.

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